IN MEMORy by Pierre Vandervelden

The visit of Commonwealth War Cemeteries, Communals Cemeteries & Churchyards in Belgium & France

Thousands of British and Commonwealth young fellows came to defend the ideal of

freedom during WW1 and WW2.

Many of them gave their lives, fighting or victims of accidents or diseases. A lot of them

were also captured by enemies but all of them , known or unknown, received a decent grave.

Each grave, each cemetery, small or large, is now part of the Commonwealth’s territory and

this for eternity. Still now those cemeteries are maintained by the CWGC gardeners or for

some smaller cemeteries, by the local communities where they are located.

Of course there are a lot of large cemeteries and sanctuaries but many small groups of

graves are isolated in local cemeteries or in the neighbourhood of churches.

Most visitors are guided to the largest and most famous sites. You will see here most of

them but my idea was to give back to these less well known sites more attention so that

they will receive a better interest from the visitors.

In the CEMETERIES you will find in alphabetical order, all the cemeteries that we have

visited including, as far as we could, the number, the names and the nationality of the victims.

In the UNUSUAL you will find details of unusual features to be seen in some cemeteries

such as interesting architecture or graves stones or other feature.

The EMBLEMS shows all the emblems of regiments, directly photographed from the graves.

we have taken all these pictures ourselves and anyone who wishes , can get any of these, even in

a larger size, by asking me by using the e-mail.

As far as possible, we will also be able to send you a picture of the grave itself.

(Note: only where stated at the bottom of the Cemetery page concerned, as the others

are too far from our home.)

I will be happy to receive your requests to my site, concerning cemeteries I don’t show or

any background, photos or memories of casualties and their history.

God bless them all.
May they always remain in our memories.

The Inmemories team, Pierre Vandervelden, Alain Octavie, Regis Biaux, Guillaume van der Wende, Isabelle Perrot
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Casualties informations come usually from Commonwealth War Graves Commission, see links for more informations.