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LOOS Memorial (Loos en Gohelle) (Pas de Calais France)

Rfl Harold Joe Johnson KIA 02/10/1915 aged 17
Pte James Arnott 25/09/1915 aged 44
James was born on 18/11/1870 at Greyrigg, Muiravonside, Scotland, he was miner and lived at Coatbridge.
Pte Herbert J. Clarke 27/09/1915
Pte Frederick Dixon 13/10/1915 aged 23
He was killed during the attack on the Hohenzollen Redoubt at Loos
2nd/Lt Alexander Douglas Gillespie 26/09/1915 aged 26
Pte Patrick O'Neill 26/09/1915 aged 28
He was KIA at the battle of Hill 70
Lt/Col. Richard Davies Garnons-Williams 25/09/1915
Pte Oswald Sansom 03/10/1915 aged 17 Pte Robert Osborne 01/08/1916 aged 35
for Anthony Bagshaw (Mansfield Woodhouse U.K.)
S/Lt Beauchamps Patrick 25/09/1915 aged 24
He was born on 24/08/1891, enlisted in 08/1914 and went to France in 05/1915.
He was KIA at the storming of the Hohenzollern Redoubt
Pte Alexander Greig 30/06/1916 aged 22
For Alex Greig, Carolyn Shell and family (UK)
Sjt Charles Roberts 07/03/1895 - 18/05/1918
Charles grow up in a family of ten children and worked at the CWS Soap Works in Irlam.
He enlisted in 11/1914, served in Gallipoli and in the Ypres Salient.
He was wounded at Gallipoli in 1915. He was KIA during a raid on the Hilda Trench, Hulluch.
He left a wife, and a son, Charles.
For his great great nephew Peter Thomas
Pte Bert Saunders 28/03/1916 aged 28
L/Cpl Thomas Hewitt 25/09/1915 Capt Basil William Edmund Hoyle 25/09/1915 aged 22 Pte Archibald Nesmith 22/06/1916 aged 30 Pte Alfred Henry Heath 22/06/1916
Sjt Walter Atkins 25/09/1915 aged 27 Lt Henry John Francis Brunt 25/09/1915 Pte Frederick Thomas Faulkner 22/06/1916 Lt Walter Ibbe James 25/09/1915
Pte Frederick Gaunt 25/09/1915 aged 23 Lt Charles Fleming Jelinger Symons 25/09/1915 aged 32 Pte Robert Davies 25/09/1915 Pte Thomas Mincher 25/09/1915
Mjr Charles Annesley Acton 25/09/1915 aged 39 Pte Edward Owen Jones 05/06/1916 Capt Lewis Stephen Hogg 25/09/1915 Pte William Hopkins 05/02/1916 Aged 39
Capt Guy Williams Stuart Morgan 25/09/1915 aged 20 Pte Joseph Evans 25/09/1915 aged 24 Pte William England 25/09/1915 aged 41 2nd/Lt Reginald Joseph Williams 25/09/1915 aged 18
Pte George Tatum 25/09/1915 aged 19 Capt Edward Geoffrey Payne 25/09/1915 Coy Sjt Mjr William Walter Warner 25/09/1915 aged 29 Pte William Roberts 02/10/1915 aged 21
For the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen
Pte Thomas Candlish 25/09/1915 aged 23
His brother, Pte Robert Candlish is remembered in the Ploegsteert Memorial
Pte William alfred Brown 27/09/1915 aged 25
He enlisted in 09/1914
Pte Sidney Redhead 28/09/1918 aged 21
Pte Sidney Victor Lord 17/08/1917 aged 21
Dvr William Frederick Parsons 20/08/1918 aged 21
Coy Sjt Mjr Frederick Fry KiA 25/09/1915 aged 35
Son of Albert and Harriet Fry, husband of Alice Fry.
From the people of Hartfield
2/Lt Frederick Richard Parker 19/07/1916 aged 19
Pte Willam Henry James Watson 16/03/1916 aged 26
for his Great Granddaughter Sharon Evans
Coy Sjt Mjr Frederick Samuel Fry 25/09/1915 aged 35
for Richard and Debbie (Frederick's grand daughter) Prout
Pte James McAlerney MM 09/04/1918 aged 20
Pte Frederick Charles Bowkett 13/10/1915 aged 22
God bless you for what you have given for your family, battalion and country.
Even though we can never met you, we felt you were close when we went to Loos.
You will never be forgotten by your family.
Rest now in peace on the silent battlefield.
for his great nephew Dave Tuffley and family
Pte Horace Mennell Appleton 26/09/1915 aged 22
Pte Richard Henry Small 02/10/1915
Sgt Arthur Taylor 13/06/1917 aged 20
Coy Sjt Mjr Thomas Samuel Hawkswood 26/09/1915
He was killed leading his men in a charge on Hill 70 near Loos.
His son, Pte Alfred Thomas Hawkswood DoW on 12/11/1916 and is buried in St Sever Communal Cemetery Extension.
for Graeme Clarke and the people of Walsall
Pte William McLean 25/09/1915 aged 24
Left, his Memory card, with inside, a text who reads:
In Loving Remembrance of
10th Gordon Highlanders,
Dearly Beloved Son of Robert and Annie McLean.
Who was killed in action at Loos, France,
On Saturday, 25th September, 1915,
Aged 24 Years.
"he died that we might live."
for charles Apers, (NL)
L/Cpl Peter Wood 1896 - 29/04/1916
for his great nephew John Taylor
More about Peter here.
Pte Charles William Milne 1895 - 25/09/1915
for Simon Coxall
and the Bancrofts School, Woodford Green, Essex.
More about Frederick here
Sjt Charles Fraser Woolston 13/10/1915 aged 20
Charles, 6th Bn, The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) was the son of Charles Walter and Elizabeth Darby Woolston of “Stanmore”, 314 Brownhill Road, Catford.
His father was one of the choristers at St. Andrew’s Church.
He was educated at Colfe’s and his father’s old School Dorchester Grammar and prior to the war he was a farm apprentice near Margate.
He enlisted into the East Kent Rgt on the 14/08/1914 at Margate and progressed through the ranks, being promoted to Serjeant in 05/1915.
He arrived in France with the British Expeditionary Force on the 01/06/1915.
Following his death his Lieutenant wrote:
“He was in charge of one of our machine guns in the front line and was working it with great courage and coolness, when he was killed and two of his men with him.
In Sergeant Woolston I have lost a most valued N.C.O., one of whom I Knew I could trust to carry out any enterprise whatever its difficulties and dangers.
I can only hope that the knowledge that he died a heroes’ death will alleviate to some extent the great sorrow you will have to bear”.
His brother, Arthur, served with the Royal Naval Air Service (at Gallipoli) and the Royal Air Force.
for Kevin Loughnane (Catford Roll of Honour)
Pte Henry James Haywood 10/11/1915 aged 19
for Simon Davies and the people of Cleeve Prior (Worcestershire)
Pte Albert Richardson 11/04/1916 aged 46
He was the son of the late Alfred and Sarah Richardson and husband of Charlotte Richardson from Walthamstow, London.
for his great grandson Michael Mason
Sjt Thomas J. Russell 29/04/1916 aged 35
for his very proud great greatgrandson Barry Russell
Sjt Ernest Millband 14/10/1915 aged 26
He was born in 1889 in Nottingham and was the son of Arthur a coal miner and Teresa Millband née James of 16 Clerkson Street, Mansfield.
He enlisted in Mansfield and was landed in France on 02/03/1915.
for his great nephew Paul Mason
Ernest with his brother Alfred Millband (Paul's grandfather) who also served during the 'Great War' and survived.

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