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POELCAPELLE British Cemetery (Poelkapelle) (West Vlaanderen Belgium)


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Pte Robert Christmas Jones 09/10/1917 Aged 19
for Kevin and Linda O'Marah, Gwynedd, North Wales.

Yn y Llythyr canlynol y derbyn iwyd y newydd trist o’i golli : ---

Headquarters, New Zealand Discharge Depot.
Torquay, November 29th 1917.

Dear Mrs Jones,
I am writing to express my deep sympathy with you in the loss of your son, 33349, Robert Jones.
He was wounded in action in an attack upon a strongly fortified ridge thet barred the way to Passchendaele, and was brought to the Dressing Station at a place called Waterloo Farm, where he passed away.
I laid him to rest, and his grave has been marked, and will receive every attention.
Unfortunately I cannot tell you how he was wounded.
It was before I arrived on the scene with the New Zealand troops.
There where a number of wounded in the Dressing Station when we arrived, and your son was one of them.
Owing to the fact that I have been moving about in France and England till now, I have not been able to write sooner. I have been transferred here, and this is my first opportunity of writing.
Your sorrow will be very great, but you have the memoty of a noble death in a great cause.
May God have you in His care and keeping , comfort you and give you peace. Especially may He comfort you in the Blessed Hope of Life Immortal, and the glad prospect of one day meeting again all those you have loved long since and lost awhile.
Yours, In sorrow and sympathy.
W. McLean

Private John Condon (Royal Irish Regiment) 24 th May 1915 Aged 14
Believied the youngest British casualty of WW1
2nd Lieutenant Hugh Gordon Langton (4th Bn London Rgt) 26 October 1917 Aged 32
Mjr Roger Alvin Poore 26/09/1917 aged 47
For the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen
Lt Harold Firth 09/10/1917 aged 25
Harold was the son of Luther and Mary Firth of 63, Eshton Terrace, Keighley, Yorkshire, his father being the headmaster of Eastwood School, Keighly.
He was married to Dorothy Eleanor Cartlidge at Walsall on Thursday 11/01/1917, she being the only daughter of Howard Victor and Elizabeth Ann Cartlidge of 50, Stafford Street, Walsall.
Drafted to France in 02/1917, Harold was killed on the first day of the Battle of Poelcapelle.
for Graeme Clarke and the people of Walsall
Pte Reuben Wagner 02/08/1917 aged 25
Reuben was taylor, maried with two children.
He was sent to France in 06/1916 and was already wounded on 03/09/1916.
His Lieutenant, writing to his wife said:
"I greatly regret having to tell you that your husband was killed near Ypres.
He was helping to dig a trench when he was killed by a shell, and his death was instantaneous.
He suffered no pain."
Extract of the notice of Reuben's death, first published in the 30/08/1917 Stockport County Borough Express.
for his grandson Ray Travers, great grandson Michael Travers and family
Cpl Alfred Victor Wright 20/10/1917
for Stuart Hedley


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