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POZIERES Memorial (Ovillers la Boisselle) (Somme France)

Pte Frederick Ernest Martin 23/03/1918 aged 21
He enlisted aged 17 and reported missing, during the battle of St Quentin.
Freddie was Son of William and Margaret Elizabeth Martin, of 6, Theobald Rd., West Croydon
For Jeff Dowling
2nd/ Lt Harold Davenport 21/03/1918 aged 30
2nd/Lt Philip Green 28/03/1918 aged 27
Pte Owen Mander 31/03/1918 aged 39
Cpt Joseph Henry Mathews 27/03/1918 aged 21
for Simon Coxall
and the Bancrofts School, Woodford Green, Essex.
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Pte Walter Herbert Parratt 30/03/1918
Pte Ezra William Miller KiA 21/03/1918
For Mr Simon Bull (Northamptonshire U. K.)
Pte George Henry Pearson Smith (17247) 25/03/1918
George leaves a widow and three children.
For Mr Simon Bull (Northamptonshire U. K.)
Cpl Tom Johnson 27/03/1918 aged 35
Tom was a pre-war regular soldier, and joined the 21st Lancers around 1898. He served his time and then joined the Army Reserves.
He was recalled for War Service in 1914 and went with the BEF in 08/1914 to serve in France / Belgium with the Army Veterinary Corps, at the end of 1917 - early 1918 Tom was in hospital having been wounded. He was killed at Aveluy Wood and had no known grave.
In 10/1914 Tom sent this postcard of the Army Veterinary Corps in Flanders, he is on horseback at the centre rear.
Left: his brother Gnr Richard Llewelyn Johnson MM 01/11/1918 aged 23 is buried in St Sever communal cemetery extension
Right: his brother Edwin Stanley Johnson who was a pre-war Territorial Soldier and he went to Flanders in 1915 with the Durham Light Infantry, (5th Bn) serving near Ypres and later on the Somme and at Arras. But whilst serving at Paschendale in 1917 he was shot by a sniper, the bullet entering his chest where his heart should have been. Fortunately for him, he was one of those rare people with reversed internal organs and his heart was actually towards his right-hand side.
The bullet was too close to his heart to remove without risk, so he lived with a German bullet inside him until his death in 1970.
He did return to war Service with the Labour Corps in 1918 and strangely enough this unfortunate incident really saved his life, because the 5th Bn, Durham Light Infantry was wiped out almost to the last man at the Battle of the Lys in 04/1918.
For his nephew and Edwin's grandson David Mole (UK)
The Mole - Johnson family have lost six members during WW I and II
David's father is buried in Taillette Communal Cemetery (Fr)
Pte Thomas Edmund Butlin 22/03/1918 aged 31
Thomas was killed in St Quentin
For Keith Jackson and Sharon Gwatkin
2nd/Lt Charles Joseph Leslie 24/04/1918 aged 21
for Elaine Cave
Pte Joseph Percival Daysh 25/03/1918 aged 42
2nd/Lt Edwin John Leat 08/06/1918 aged 33
Cpl William Muston Haggar MM 21/03/1918 aged 28
Pte Samuel Binnington 31/03/1918
Rfm Clifford Land 23/03/1918 aged 19
for Tony Pringle and the people of Newmarket
The Sacrifice of the Skinners Brothers
Pte Harry Skinner 05/04/1918 aged 20
for Mark Leighton
The three brothers gave their lifes for King and Country on the Somme,
left, Pte Harry Skinner;
middle, Pte Edward Charles Skinner 09/08/1916 commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial;
right, Pte Frank Skinner 01/07/1916 buried in Gordon Dump Cemetery.
They were sons of of Charles and Ellen Skinner, of New Wimpole, Royston, Herts.
Lt Sydney Stranger Chaplin 21/03/1918 aged 21
for Simon Coxall
and the Bancrofts School, Woodford Green, Essex.
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Capt Raymond Conrad Murray Keefe MC 1895 - 27/03/1918
for Simon Coxall
and the Bancrofts School, Woodford Green, Essex.
More about Frederick here .........
Sjt Albert Whittaker 22/04/1918
for the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen.
Sgt Fred Shoesmith 06/1883 - 23/03/1918
He is remembered on the St Peter's Old Woking G.W.M. Roll of Honour by Pete Smee
and the Surrey County Council Heritage Conservation Team
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