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ROMERIES Communal Cemetery Extension (Nord France)

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The Commune of Romeries invaded by Germans the 26 Augustus 1914 was liberated the 23 October 1918 by the Gordon Regiment Royal Scots.Romeries keeps to the Braves Soldiers falled in the battle and at their Compatriots who lie in this Cemetery her eternal gratitude.
Pte Charles Marriott Wood 23/10/1918 Aged 19
For Robert Snape
Rfm Francis Richard Morrow 04/11/1918 Aged 32
Rfm John Appleyard 24/10/1918
honoured by his family
for his great niece Lynne Wood (nee Appleyard) and nephews
Cpl Percy Arthur Walker 27/10/1918 aged 21
For his great nephew Garry Anscomb
L/Cpl Leonard Ernest Laurence 12/10/1918 aged 19
for his great nephew Dave Scott
Pte Charlie Smith 04/11/1918
Pte George Paterson 23/10/1918 aged 23
for his niece Margaret Doig
Cpt Orrie Briggs 04/11/1918 aged 30
commemorated at Lawnswood Cemetery in Leeds by his family.
for the Friends of Lawnswood Cemetery
Pte William Charles Stimpson 07/11/1918
William was the son of William Charles and Lavinia Mary Stimpson of 3, Newland Street, Walsall, his father being a carter for the Co-operative Society.
He was a married man residing with his wife’s parents at 38, Upper Forster Street, Walsall.
Employed at Wincer and Sons Limited of Littleton Street, Walsall, he enlisted in the Army at Walsall on Monday 14/02/1916.
William was mortally wounded during operations to cross the Canal de l’Escaut.
for Graeme Clarke and the people of Walsall
Pte Herbert Victor Steed 16/10/1918
Herbert was the youngest son of George and Sarah Steed of 291, Bloxwich Road, Walsall, his father being a storekeeper at a builder’s merchants.
A married man he resided at 301, Bloxwich Road, Leamore with his wife and son.
He enlisted in the Army at Lichfield on Monday 02/04/1917 and was drafted to France during 03/1918, being KiA south of Valeciennes whilst his bn were holding the line near St. Python.
for Graeme Clarke and the people of Walsall
Pte John Gorst 12/10/1918
for his granddaughter Amanda Price and family
John visited by Amanda and his great grandchildren Aled, Ceri and Bethan.
Pte John Joseph Hunter 04/11/1918 aged 19
Capt Walter Joseph Patterson Beveridge 23/10/1918 aged 43
for his grandson Mike Beveridge
Pte Sidney James Harding 24/10/1918 aged 34
for his great nephew Robert Turner

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