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The visit of Commonwealth graves in Communal Cemeteries & Churchyards in Belgium & France

YPRES MENIN GATE Memorial (IEPER) (West Vlaanderen Belgium)





Lt Hugh Thomas Ackland-Allen 23/10/1914 aged 21
for the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen
8Pte Frederick Edward Alban Checkett 30/10/1914
for the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen



Pte Ernest Baguley 1893 - 09/08/1915
His brother Albert is buried at Warlincourt Halte British Cemetery
For Bryan Spencer
Pte John Banner 21/10/1914 aged 26
for the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen
Pte Alfred Henry Banning 21/10/1914
for the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen
Cpt Richard Vincent Barker 31/10/1914
for the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen
Pte Harry Barnett 19/10/1914 aged 28
for the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen
The Sacrifice of the Australian Bartram Family
L/Cpl Reginald Percy Bartram 04/10/1917 aged 36
Pte Arnold Roy Bartram 13/05/1917 aged 21
Buried in Grevillers British Cemetery
Pte Cyril George Bartram
Returned to Australia on 27/07/1917 due to illness
and lonely survivor of the Bartram Brothers
Sgt Raymond Everard Bartram 07/06/1917 aged 23
Far right on this photo
and buried in Messines Ridge British Cemetery
Left to right: Reginald Percy, Arnold Roy and Raymond Everard
for their great niece Christine Matthews and family
Sjt George Bilbie 07/06/1917
For Antony Bagshaw (Mansfield Woodhouse UK)
Lt John Greville Hobart Bird 25/10/1914
For Avalon Eastman
Oundle School Roll of Honour
Pte William George Blake 30/10/1914 aged 21
for the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen
Pte George Arthur Blanch 19/01/1891 - 30/07/1917
The son of James Ridgy Blanch (1868-1958) & Ann Evens (1867-1951), he was born in Salt Ash, New South Wales, Australia.
Studio portrait of George in uniform and a fabricated wedding photo based on the same studio portrait.
George married Violet Jessie Blanch in 09/1916.
Later, Violet (1899 - 1982) married Raymond Wratten (1899-1952).
George's twin brother, Pte Peter James Blanch died two weeks before him and is buried in Trois Arbres cemetery (Steenwerck).
for their cousin William Good (Violet and Raymond's grandson)
Pte Albert Booth (45357) 31/07/1917
For Antony Bagshaw (Mansfield Woodhouse UK)
Lt Charles Bailey Boucher 02/06/1891 - 09/08/1915
For Avalon Eastman
Oundle School Roll of Honour
A War Poet
Pte Tom Brandon KIA 13/05/1915

Written by the late Private T. Brandon,
"B" Coy. 1st East Lancs, Regiment,
who was killed in action.
Thursday 13 May 1915 aged 33.

Listen comrades for a while, a tale to you I'll tell.
Of British pluck and gallantry and also what befel
Twas in the year 1914, August 23rd
When the huns met our khaki lads and for it they had to pay.
They thought that so small an army, they'd sweep with one fell blow!
To carry out that action, at Mons commenced to show.

On they came like tigers: by Von Kluck they were led,
But they found those khaki lads knew how to use their lead.
On they came in thousands those fiends in human shape!
The story all the world knows of pillages and rape.
With shrapnel shell and whistling deaths they fed us all day long;
When the order came ---" regiments will retire one by one!"

The order at first was disbelieved--a mistake has been made we said!
When there came again the order from the Major of Brigade;
'Twas then we had no option but that order to obey.
A retirement we were late to learn would grow worse day by day.
The movement was a great one and will shine through years to come,
But at what a cost: the lives were lost of Father, Lover and Chum.

Thinner and thinner grew our lines as Officers and Comrades fell;
Not only was it living death but also living hell.
For days we lived as men had never lived their lives before,
For courage, strength, and spirit were needed to face that terrible foe;
Not one of us knew when or where we should meet our fate,
On right and left, before, behind, death must come soon or late.

We made our stand at last, at---,well I need not mention names,
For were I to name it I should call it a town in flames.
We knew not, anyone of us, in what country we were placed,
For all our British lads were there, in that great stand we faced.
On they came in masses: of fear they appeared to have none,
Outnumbering our lads by fully ten to one.

Our rifles spat out, dealing death to our advancing foes,
And piles of dead and wounded were lying in their fours,
The great mass stopped and wavered, 'twas then our moment came.
With ringing cheer and Bayonets we charged with might and main.
Thrusting here and thrusting there, they fell in shrieking masses.
As our Bayonets drank their blood in those daring little dashes.

WE held our own for days and days until delivered our trenches
By our lads in Blue and Red, those they call the Frenchies.
And still we hold them, and we're slowly creeping on and on.
We'll beat them at the finish, though a check they gave us at Mons,
And now my little tale will end and echo one and all ---
"May God have mercy on my chums who by German bullets did fall!"

And when the War is over and your children ask for stories,
Just tell them of the hardships in the Battle of Mons;
And should they ask for more---to keep the peace in bonds---
Just tell how well the British fought on the Battle Field at Mons.

1d Each Published by kind permission of his brother,
Mr Ralph Brandon, Baxenden.


Printed by H Ward Knowles & co., Bridge Street Press, Accrington.

Tom's brother, Pte James Brandon, of the East Lancashire Rgt has been wounded in the tigh while fighting in France. After recuperating at home for a while he returned to fighting. James survived the War.
for Mr Bev Brandon and his cousin Margaret Martin and family
The webmaster thanks the members of the Brandon family for their kind permission to reproduce the poem.
Cpt John Henry Brennan 19/10/1914 aged 45
for the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen
Pte Harry Brookes 31/07/1917
Cpl Neil Stewart Bruce KIA 20/09/1917
Neil was born in Wick, Caithness Scotland, 20/08/1888. He migrated to Australia in 1910 and was a Baker, he enlisted 16/03/1915. In may 1916, Neil suffered a head wound in action, recovered and rejoigned in 09/1916.
Pte William Bunce 30/10/1914
for the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen
Rfm Frederick William Butcher 12/08/1896 - 09/08/1917
For Avalon Eastman
Oundle School Roll of Honour



8Lt Guy Ogden de Peyster Chance 19/10/1914 aged 22
for the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen
L/Sjt Alfred Henry Clarke 30/10/1914
for the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen
Pte George Collier 30/10/1914
for the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen
Pte Alfred Henry Collins 16/11/1914
for his great great nephew Daniel Marlow and family
Pte Charles Frederick Collins 02/06/1916 aged 19
Charles was Killed in Action near Mount Sorrel
Pte John Codd 07/06/1917 aged 27
for Peter Hoffman and family
L/Cpl Ernest Cook 11/08/1917 aged 25
for Simon Davies and the people of Cleeve Prior (Worcestershire)
Several men from Cleeve Prior going off to enlist in 1914.
Ernest is sitting second from left.
Near far left Pte George Brookes (12/02/1917) buried in Queens Cemetery (Puisieux).
Pte James Wesley Cook 16/06/1917
His brother Pte Peter Garnett Cook is buried in Strand Cemetery
For his cousin, Helen (nee Cook) and Iain Watt
Pte Charles Leonard Cooper 31/10/1914
for the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen
Pte Neil McMaster Crawford 26/09/1917 aged 19
Neil was from Roma, Queensland he was KIA at Polygon Wood and buried near Black Watch Corner, but his grave was lost.
For Jim Donald (Queensland, Aus.)
Pte john Henry Crompton 04/10/1917 aged 42
John was born at Lowthorpe, Driffield, in the East Riding of Yorkshire.
He enlisted from Elimbah, Queensland, 06/12/1915.
He was KIA at Alma Farm
Capt Wilfred John Hutton Curwen 09/05/1915 aged 32
for Philip Paine and the members of the Surrey CCC
Lt Maurice O'Connor Cuffey 20/05/1915
Sjt Frederick John Cuttle 13/05/1915
He enlisted with his younger brother George in Preston 1901/02 (aged about 17).
They served together in India before returning to England in 1911. He was stationed in the barracks at Colchester.
On 24th August 1914 with his regiment (1st East Lancashire Regiment) he went into the line near to Le Cateau, France,
joining the British Expeditionary Force in the Great Retreat from Mons. He was present at the advance to the Marne,
the Oise and the Aisne. He was wounded here in October 1914; a bullet wound to the right arm. He was sent to hospital
in Dundee to recover then went home to his parents in Bury.
Frederick returned to the front on 23 February 1915 and was killed in action on the 13th May 1915, at Shelltrap Farm (also known
as Death farm and Mousetrap farm), Ypres, during the Second battle of Ypres.

Frederick's brother, George is buried at Monchy British Cemetery.
For Lesley & Dave Johnstone.



Pte Robert Victor Davies 31/07/1917
for the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen
2nd/Lt Ivor Theophilus Davies 04/10/1894 - 22/06/1915
For Avalon Eastman
Oundle School Roll of Honour
Pte William Dickie 30/10/1917 aged 32
Pte Cornelius Docherty 27/10/1914
Pte William Joseph Dolan 30/10/1917
He enlisted 06/06/1916, in the 212th (Winnipeg Americans) Bn, in Winnipeg.
William was born in Mara (Uptergrove), son of Patrick Joseph Dolan & Mary Jane Clarke. His parents remained in the Uptergrove area.
He had worked for several years for James Mahoney, before he went west to join the Hudson Bay Company, as a clerk.
He arrived in England, 25/09/1916, on 21/11, he was transferred to the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry,(Eastern Ontario Regt.).
William crossed to France, 23/12/1916, and was posted to the 3rd. Entrenching Bn. on 20/01/1917.
He joined PPCLI in the Vimy Ridge Sector, 06/03/1917, and participated in the 1st Battle of Arras (Vimy Ridge) and the 3rd Battle of Ypres (Passchendaele).
He was KiA in the Battle of Passchendaele, near the wire of the Meetcheele Ridge Pill Box.
His name is listed on the Mara Cenotaph, located in front of the Brechin Legion, 4th Concession, Brechin.
He was survived by three brothers, Martin of Winnipeg, Jerry in Chicago, and James of Toronto, who was with the Sportsman Battalion in France
for the Ramara Historical Society
Pte George Cleaver Dugan 22/06/1915 aged 20
George was born on 26/02/1895 and enlisted in 06/1913
He served in Belgium in 08/1914 and was wounded during the retreat from Mons, invalided home and returned to the front in 10/1914 was wounded a second time in the battle of Ypres and invided again home, in 12/1914 and returned back to the front 18/05/1915.
He was KIA at Ypres



L/Cpl Victor George Samuel Edmonds 07/06/1917 aged 21
Victor, “D” Company 20th (County of London) Bn (Blackheath and Woolwich), London Regiment.
He was the eldest son of Giles and Amy Edmonds of 236 Wellmeadow Road, Catford.
He was educated at Torridon Road School and Brownhill Road Central Commercial School.
Victor had been on active service in France for 12 months.
Following his death his Coy Sergeant-Major paid tribute to him, saying:
“He was a splendid lad, thorough in every respect, never failing in any task.
His duties with me as company runner were arduous, trying, and risky, and he needed coolness and courage.
He filled his post admirably”
for Kevin Loughnane (Catford Roll of Honour)
Pte David Edwards 30/10/1914
for the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen



Pte William Fern 30/10/1914
for the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen
S/Lt Reginald William Fletcher 31/10/1914 aged 22
Pte Ernest Frost (6953) 14/11/1914
For Steve Morse (UK)
Pte Oliver Fyson 23/04/1915 aged 30



Cpl George frederick George 24/10/1914
for the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen
Capt John Donald Glover 1889 - 23/04/1915
Born in Mara, (Gamebridge), in 1889, a son of William Glover & Mary McRae.
When the war broke out, John was living in Sudbury, working for the Cochrane Company, he was Captain of the 97th, previously he had been a drill instructor for the 48th Highlanders.
He enlisted on 04/08/1914, the very day the war was declared, and was made Adjutant of the 4th(Can. Mounted Rifles, Central Ontario) Bn, part of the first contingent.
John was KiA at Langemarck, the 4th Bn attempted to gain control of Mauser Ridge, in the Second Battle of Ypres.
A family marker in the Gamebridge Cemetery, honours his sacrifice for Canada. His name is listed on the Mara Cenotaph, located in front of the Brechin Legion, 4th Concession, Brechin.
Capt Glover was mentioned in dispatches.
for the Ramara Historical Society
2nd/Lt Alan Godsal 04/05/1894 - 30/07/1915
For Avalon Eastman
Oundle School Roll of Honour
Pte Frank Edward Green 21/10/1914
for the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen
Cpt Reuben Henry Gregory MC 09/06/1917
For Steve Morse (UK)



L/Cpl William H. J. Harding 10/05/1915 aged 20
Cpt George Harriot 04/10/1917 aged 26
Pte Francis Everard Harrison 30/10/1917 aged 34
2nd/Lt Morris Hart 06/10/1895 - 04/10/1917
He was born in Brisbane, Queensland.
He was killed by a shell burst at Thames Bunker, Zonnebeke.
Rfm Arthur Heesom 25/09/1915 aged 20
Pte William Hewison 1896 - 08/06/1917
He was born in Frithville, Nr. Boston Lincolnshire, lived in Thorpe St Peter and enlisted in Skegness Linc’s.
He landed in the Balkans with the 6th Batt.Linc’s Regt. on the 22/09/1915 before moving to the western front.
William was blown up on Hill 60 during the Battle of Messines.
Petty Officer Stoker George Hewison 23/03/1917 aged 27
William's brother, George was Kia serving in the Royal Navy on the HMS Laforey and is commemorated on the Chatham Naval Memorial.
Photographed here with his brother Percy aged 6.
Their other brother, Pte Arthur Hewison (29/11/1915) is commemorated on the Menin Road North cemetery Memorial stone in the Menin Road South cemetery in Ypres.
for Brian Baxter
Pte Roland Hill 20/09/1917 aged 22
Pte Thomas Hill 30/10/1914
for the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen
2nd/Lt Herbert Edward Hobbs 09/11/1894 - 25/05/1915
For Avalon Eastman
Oundle School Roll of Honour
Lt Edwin Cecil Leigh Hoskyns 20/10/1914
for the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen
Cpl Robert James Hotson 31/07/1915 aged 21
He was killed by a grenade at the German trenches
2nd/Lt John Howell 25/09/1915 aged 20
He was a member of Surrey County Cricket Club in London and is listed on their war memorial.
for Philip Paine and the members of the Surrey CCC
Pte George Hutchinson 16/06/1915 aged 19
For Antony Bagshaw (Mansfield Woodhouse UK)





Cpl John Drummond Johnston KIA in Messines 18/07/1917
L/Cpl William Johnstone 05/04/1915 aged 23
Died of Wounds received on that Day at Dumbarton Lakes, Ypres.
His brother , Pte David Johnstone who served in the same regiment, was also wounded by the same shell, he is buried in Boulogne EasternCemetery.
for Colin Hamilton
Pte Richard Evan Jones 21/10/1914
for the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen



Cpt William Miles Kington 20/10/1914 aged 38
for the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen



Cpt Everard Joseph Lamb 01/11/1914 aged 29
2nd/Lt The Hon. Francis Lambton 31/10/1916 aged 43
for Tony Pringle and the people of Newmarket
Pte Roger Lindley 17/02/1916 aged 27
He left a widow and three childrens.
He enter in France on 28/09/1915.
for his great nephew Joseph J Lindley and Joseph Roger Lindley, great niece Kathy Weidman and family
Pte Harry Edward Lloyd KIA 15/04/1915 aged 20
Harry was born at Aldershot, Hampshire, England and was visiting family when war broke out in 1914 and he
joined the British Columbian Regiment in Canada.
He was killed at the Battle of Gravenstafel Ridge.
Cpt Meyricke Entwisle Lloyd 24/10/1914 aged 34
for the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen
Lt Walter Scott Stuart Lyon 08/05/1915 aged 28



Pte Daniel D. MacDonald 23/09/1892 - 08/10/1915
2nd/Lt Arthur Bryant Phelps McClenaghan 16/06/1915
Born in Epson on 15/02/1895, he was the son of the Rev. George Richard and Amy Margaret McClenaghan, of Rushmere Vicarage, Ipswich.
He was educated at Malborough College, Wiltshire.
He obtained a History Scholarship for Clare College, Cambridge, but did not enter on a University career owing to the War.
Arthur was for some time an officer in the Officers Training Corps at Malborough, and in 09/1914, was gazetted to the 1st Wiltshire Rgt.
Two days before Christmas he left for France.
He was shot through the heart whilst leading his men in a charge at Hooge, for though slighly wounded in the head on 09/06/1915 he had remained on duty.
His brother Capt George Mayo McClenaghan dead of wounds on 08/11/1918 is buried in Pont sur Sambre Communal Cemetery.
for his nephew Mayo Marriott, London



Pte James Newman 11/11/1914 aged 29
James was born 1885 at Woolwich, Kent, one of 8 known children, 4 boys and 4 girls born to Charles Newman 1846 Divizes, Willtshire and his wife Mary born 1856 in Ireland.
Charles Newman spent his life in the military, 1881 he was at the barracks, Northgate, Canterbury as a soldier, staying there for many years until in 1891 he and the family can be found at the infantry barracks in York.
James married in the district of Lanchester in 1909 to Rose Reilly born 1881, native of Pluckerstown, County Kildare, Ireland.
Newly married they lives at 13, West Street, Grange Villa, County Durham, two of Rose’s younger brothers boarded with them. James was employed as a stoker at the gas works his brother-in-laws as screeners/labourers at the colliery.
At the outbreak of war James was resident at Nass, Co Kildare, Ireland, as his military record no longer exists, destroyed during the blitz of WW2, it is unclear wether his wife accompanied him or remained in Grange Villa.
He enlisted in Dublin and was assigned to the 2nd Bn Connaught Rangers as Private 8286.
The Connaught Rangers consisted of 6 Battalion, 4 of whom served overseas the others remaining on home service supplying drafts of the men to the battalions on war duty.
By the end of WW1 of the 4 battalion sent overseas only 2 remained the other 2 having ceased to exist due to massive casualties.
James arrived in France on 14/08/1914 attached to the 2nd Bn, along with the 1st, 3rd and 4th, at Boulogne to cheering French crowds as part of the BEF.
They participated in the opening phase of the war in the Retreat from Mons August 1914, the Battle of Coup De Soupir Farm September 1914, the Battle of Aisne September 1914 and the First Battle of Ypres October - November 1914 on the salient in Belgium.
James was killed in action.
His widow Rose received part of the money due to him, the remainder went to Peter Reilly, her father. She was also awarded a pension and his awards of the 1914 Star, British War Medal and Victory Medal.
In God’s safe keeping. Rest In Peace.
Pauline Priano.
L/Cpl Harry Thomas Frederick Nicholls 08/05/1915 aged 20
for Tony Pringle and the people of Newmarket
Pte Alexander Nicoll 13/05/1915 aged 33
Alexander, son of John Nicoll and Catherine, (nee Mitchell) was born 21/04/1882 Blairgowrie,Perthshire,Scotland, he enlisted 15/09/1914.
For the Nicoll family



Pte Joseph Thomas Odam 09/08/1915 aged 18
For Antony Bagshaw (Mansfield Woodhouse UK)
Pte John Owens 13/05/1915
John and Sarah Ann Cain married at St Anthony`s Church on 26/08/1905.
They had a son Austin and a daughter Ellen. Three other children where born but sadly died before 1911.
John had served in the Army in India.
He returned home and found work as Coal Heaver with the Cunard Line.
John remained on the army reserve list and was called up during WW1.
His regiment was present at the Christmas Truce of 1914.
For his great grandson Anthony Hogan (Bernard's son)
Anthony's second great grandfather, John Hogan is buried in Ferme Olivier Cemetery



Pte John Parry 31/07/1917
for the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen
Cpt Colwyn Erasmus Arnold Philipps 13/05/1915 aged 26
Pte William George Pinnuck 12/03/1915
Born 1896 in Enfield.
Son of William Frederick Pinnuck and Clara
(nee Livermore)
East Surrey Regiment
He was sent to France on 9/2/1915
and died a month later on 12/03/1915 aged 18

For Mrs Jocelyn Norden (U.K.)
L/Cpl George Pritchard 30/10/1914
for the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen
Capt John Ralf Purvis 25/09/1915 aged 21





Pte Albert Norman Read 01/08/1917 aged 24
for his great granddaughter Jenette Taylor and family
also for Nick Lidou
Lt Thomas Buchanan Renwick 29/04/1915
Cpl Reginald Rowland 26/09/1917 aged 25
Reginald was from Cleveland, Queensland he was KIA at Polygon Wood.
For Jim Donald (Queensland, Aus.)
Pte Evan Wilmot Harley Russell 19/07/1892 - 16/06/1915
For Avalon Eastman
Oundle School Roll of Honour
Sgt William Russell 25/09/1917
William was wounded at Fromelles but recovered, he was killed at the Battle of Polygoon Wood (3rd Ypres).
His brother Pte Arthur Russell was killed during the battle of fromelles and is buried in Fromelles Pheasant Wood military Cemetery.
for Cindy Jackson (Rylstone NSW, Australia)
and Frank Mahieu
William and Arthur Russell



Lt Edwin Walter Saunders 16/04/1893 - 05/05/1915
For Avalon Eastman
Oundle School Roll of Honour
Pte Walter Scragg 30/10/1914 aged 24
for the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen
Sgt Thomas Henry Sears 07/06/1917 aged 22
2nd/Lt Reginald Herbert Secretan 22/06/1895 - 31/07/1917
For Avalon Eastman
Oundle School Roll of Honour
Cpl James Henry Sewell 31/07/1917 aged 21
Lonely son of James Henry and Emma Elizabeth Sewell, of 50, Radcliffe Rd., Hitchin, Herts.
Before he joined up, he was employed at Messrs. Spencer & Co.'s engineering works.
He had already been twice wounded before to lost his life in St Julien (Ypres).
for Jean Handley and the people of Hitchin
Pte Thomas Sharples KiA 31/07/1917 aged 22
Thomas was unmarried and prior enlistment was engineer on a coasting vessel.
He had been in France since 16/09/1916
L/Cpl Charles William Shone 07/06/1917 aged 23
Charles was born in Nhill, Victoria, Aus., where he was volunteer member of the Nhill Country Fire Authority.
He was KIA during the Third Battle of Ypres.
His brother Pte. Richard Clarence Shone was also killed in WW I and is buried at Ramicourt British Cemetery.
For The Weaver Family
Pte Horace Richard Simmons 18/10/1917 aged 24
Pte William John Skeggs 31/07/1917 aged 21
2nd/Lt Geoffrey Phillip Joseph Snead-Cox 20/10/1914 aged 19
for the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen
Pte Herbert Thomas James Stamp 02/06/1916
for the Ramara Historical Society
Pte Samuel Francis Stapleford 07/06/1917 aged 23
Samuel was born to Henry Stapleford & Louisa Jane Stapleford nee Craft, 23 March 1894 in the village of Laguna in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales, Australia.
He was the fourth child of nine children born to Henry and Louisa.
He was the only member of his family to enlist in WW1.
Samuel as an unmarried man enlisted 15 March 1916 at West Maitland, New South Wales and embarked 4 September 1916 aboard the HMAT Port Sydney.
He was 5' 9" tall, he had blue eyes and brown hair.
Pte Samuel Francis Stapleford, Service Number 1888b, was a member of the 34th Battalion, when he was shot in the head by an enemy sniper 7 June 1917 at Messines, Belgium.
Samuel's death was witnessed by Pte R. Edwards of the same battalion.
Pte Edwards reported:
"We bandaged him up in the trench but he never spoke after being hit.
I saw him buried in a shell hole at Messines, but the place was not marked at the time of burial.
I knew him very well, he was the only man by that name in the Coy."
Uncle Sam's sacrifice and memory is forever in our hearts, his memory has been handed onto his sibling's descendants and continues to be passed on.
Lest we Forget.
for his great niece Rosenne Spackman and family
L/Col Leonard Gordon Stewart 27/07/1917
for the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen
Pte George Stokes KIA near Wieltje 23/04/1915 aged 18



2nd/Lt James Taylor 31/07/1917 aged 27
Pte Thomas Teare 1883 - 08/11/1914
for Michael Teare
Thomas is honoured here.
Rfm Charles G. Thackrah 26/04/1915
L/Cpl Hilary Thompson 09/08/1917 aged 25
for Tony Pringle and the people of Newmarket
Pte George John Tomlinson 14/11/1914 aged 29
Pte Joseph Edward Toms 07/07/1897 - 03/05/1917
The Three Inseparables
Pte Thomas Lawrence (Tom) Tracy KIA 28/10/1917 aged 20
Tom enlisted at Saskatoon in 1915, he had just qualified as a teacher.
Here with his two best friends, Pte Richard William Mercer who was twice wounded and injured once, at Passchendaele and in the Somme.
And Pte Walter Wylie, also wounded in the Somme, he became a medical doctor. Richard and Walter survived to the War.
Left to right: Tom, Richard & Walter.
Photos courtesy of Dwight Mercer, not free of any usage.
The webmaster thanks him for his permission to use them.







Lt James Booker Brough Warren 04/04/1889 - 28/10/1914
For Avalon Eastman
Oundle School Roll of Honour
Sjt William Watt MM 04/07/1917 aged 22
For his great nephew Iain Watt
Pte John Webber 30/10/1914
for the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen
Pte Joseph Thomas Westwood 27/10/1914
for the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen
Pte Herbert Wharton 14/02/1916 aged 21
For Antony Bagshaw (Mansfield Woodhouse UK)
L/Cpl Harry Williamson 31/07/1917
for the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen









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