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MANSFIELD WOODHOUSE Roll of Honour (Nottinghamshire England)

By Anthony BAGSHAW

Name Rank Service Regiment Date of Death Age Buried / Commemorated    
ADLINGTON Walter Lance Corporal 17992 11th Notts and Derby 3th February 1916 23 Y FARM Cemetery    
AINSWORTH William Private 13406 9th Notts and Derby 9th August 1915   HELLES Memorial    
ANDREWS George Edward Private  241647  2/5th Yorkshire and Lancashire 7th May 1917    ARRAS Memorial     
ANTCLIFF Ernest  Private 124590 61st Battalion Machine Gun Corps 21st march 1918  22  POZIERES Memorial    
ANTHONEY Albert Private 19362 C Company, 10th Notts and Derby 14th February 1916    YPRES MENIN GATE Memorial     
ASHLEY James Andrew Private 40182 9th Northumberland Hussars 22nd March 1918   ARRAS Memorial    
ASHPOOL William Private 71098 16th Notts and Derby  20th September 1917  21  TYNE COT Memorial     
BACON James  Private  22029  9th Notts and Derby  5th December 1915  38  HELLES Memorial     
BALL Charles  Private  18120  11th Notts and Derby  20th June 1916  38  MILLENCOURT Communal Cemetery Extension     
BALL Ernest Private  13946  2nd Lincolnshire Regiment(Formerly 13977 Leicestershire Reg)  9th may 1915  20  PLOEGSTEERT Memorial     
BARNES George Thomas Private  20234  10th Notts and Derby  5th July 1916  19  THIEPVAL Memorial    
BENNETT Walter  Private  203054  1st/6th Notts and Derby  24th September 1918  38  ROISEL Communal Cemetery Extension    
BERESFORD George William Private 27493 10th Royal Warwickshire (Formerly 3662 Notts and Derby Reg.)  6th January 1917  18 GEZAINCOURT Communal Cemetery Extension    
BETTS Harold Private 27868 17th Notts and Derby  28th June 1916    GORRE British and Indian Cemetery    
BENNISON George Private 28206 17th Notts and Derby  23rd April 1916    AUBIGNY Communal Cemetery Extension    
BENNISON James Private 8801 G Company 1st Lincolnshire Regiment  17th July 1916  23  DAOURS Communal Cemetery Extension     
BILBIE George  Private 50776 11th Cheshire Regiment 7th June 1917   YPRES MENIN GATE Memorial     
BLACKWELL Harold  Private 39646 6th Bedfordshire Regiment  31st December 1917  20 OUTTERSTEENE Communal Cemetery    
BLYTHE George  Private 12525 9th Notts and Derby  9th August 1915  19 HELLES Memorial    
BOAM Francis Harold Private 78829 2nd Durham Light Infantry  21st March 1918  19 ARRAS Memorial    
BONSER William Henry Corporal 18065 6th Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry  23rd June 1916    FAUBOURG d'AMIENS Cemetery    
BOOTH Albert Private 45357 17th Notts and Derby  31st July 1917    YPRES MENIN GATE Memorial     
BOTTOM Harry  Private 42771 30th Company Machine Gun Corps  8th May 1918    TYNE COT Memorial     
BOWNES John Edward  Private CH/48(S) Chatham Bn, Royal Navy Division, Royal Marine Light Infantry  5th May 1915    HELLES Memorial     
BRIERLEY Jessie  Private CH/17913 HMS Formidable Royal Marine Light Infantry  1st January 1915    CHATHAM Naval Memorial    
BRINDLEY Frank Ewart Second Lieutenant   6th North Staffordshire Regiment  4th October 1918  26 TINCOURT New British Cemetery    
BROCKLEHURST Herbert (Snr) Private 7739 11th Notts and Derby  6th May 1916    BECOURT Military Cemetery    
BROCKLEHURST Herbert (Jnr) Private 12824 10th Notts and Derby  9th July 1917  27 SUNKEN ROAD Cemetery    
BROUGHTON William Lance Corporal 7910 2nd Leicestershire Regiment  25th September 1915  26 LOOS Memorial    
BROWN Ernest Private 15986 10th Notts and Derby  23rd April 1917  24 ARRAS Memorial    
BULLOCK Thomas Lance Corporal 305586 2nd/8th Notts and Derby  26th September 1917  20 TYNE COT Memorial    
BURBRIDGE John Edward  Private 49923 10th Durham Light Infantry  25th August 1917    MENDINGHEM Military Cemetery    
BURDEN William Henry Private 21781 16th Notts and Derby  11th November 1917    TYNE COT Memorial    
BURGIN George  Private 23865 2nd East Lancashire Regiment   23rd October 1916  21 THIEPVAL Memorial    
BURTON Cornelius Private 28493 17th Notts and Derby 12th April 1916  33 CALAIS SOUTHERN Cemetery    
CARRINGTON Thomas Private 67022 10th Notts & Derby  18th April 1917 22 TILLOY British Cemetery    
CHADBOURNE Nathan Private 2482 1st/8th Notts and Derby 8th October 1915  20 ETAPLES Military Cemetery    
CHANTRY Walter Private 15540 10th Notts & Derby  17th March 1916  23 BOULOGNE EASTERN Cemetery    
CHAPMAN William Arthur Private 24960 4th Grenadier Guards  1st December 1917  23 CAMBRAI Memorial    
CLARKE George Private 27505 9th Royal Warwickshire(Formerly 34950 Notts and Derby Reg)  29th September 1918   TEHRAN War Cemetery    
CLARKE Willis Private 15577 11th Notts and Derby  25th September 1915    X FARM Cemetery    
COOKE Arthur Edwin  Private 25192 7th North Staffordshire Regiment  14th July 1919  22 TEHRAN Memorial     
COOPER George  Sergeant 20813 13th Company Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)  15th October 1916  23 THIEPVAL Memorial    
COOPER Walter Private 9222 1st East Yorkshire Regt  2nd August 1918  31 GEZAINCOURT Communal Cemetery Extension    
COPE Harry  Private 31822 9th Notts and Derby  4th October 1917    TYNE COT Memorial    
COPESTAKE Walter Sapper 158557 252nd Tunneling Company Royal Engineers  15th October 1916   LOOS Memorial    
CORBETT Gideon Private 305765 2nd/8th Notts and Derby  27th April 1917 27 THIEPVAL Memorial    
COUPE Harvey Private 12611 1st Notts and Derby 12th July 1915    SAILLY sur la LYS Canadian Cemetery    
COWPE Claude  Lance Corporal 60662 15th Notts and Derby  17th July 1918  29 ABEELE AERODROME Military Cemetery    
CREARY William  Private 27379 17th Notts and Derby  13th July 1916 28 ST EDMUND Churchyard Extension MANSFIELD WOODHOUSE    
CROOKS Frank Private 22223 2nd/7th Notts and Derby 6th December 1917 22 CAMBRAI Memorial    
DAINTY Hugh Corbett alias FRANKLIN G. Rifleman 10614 3rd King’s Royal Rifle Corps 15th June 1915 20 ETAPLES Military Cemetery     
DAVIS John Ernest  Private 2807 Notts Yeomanry (Sherwood Rangers) 19th June 1916  19 SALONIKA (LEMBET ROAD) Military Cemetery    
DAWES Arthur  Private 72398 D Company 7th Royal West Surrey Regiment 25th August 1918 20 BAPAUME POST Military Cemetery    
DENNIS George Driver 73050 19th Divisional Ammunition Column, Royal Horse and Royal Field Artillery 31st May 1918   MARFAUX British Cemetery    
DRIVER James Private 15536 11th Notts and Derby 1st July 1916   THIEPVAL Memorial    
DUNN John George Private 14008 1st Lincolnshire Regiment 16th June 1915   YPRES MENIN GATE Memorial     
FENSOM Frederick Austin Wright Private 308309 5th Tank Supply Company, Royal Tank Corps (Formerly 19499 Notts and Derby) 22nd August 1918   VIS en ARTOIS Memorial    
FOSTER George William alias FROST G. W. Private 1927 1st Royal Guernsey Light Infantry 29th May 1918  19 ETAPLES Military Cemetery    
GHILKS Frederick Bombardier 51066 38th Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery 30th November 1917 32 CAMBRAI Memorial    
GILMAN John Private 43082 8th South Staffordshire Regiment (Formerly 19503 Notts and Derby) 12th October 1917   TYNE COT Memorial    
GLASBY Henry Arthur Private 7078 2nd Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 27th October 1914 29 LE TOURET Memorial    
GLIDEWELL John George Private 305709 2nd/8th Notts and Derby 27th April 1917   THIEPVAL Memorial    
GREEN Horace Private 43137 ‘C’ Company, 8th South Staffordshire Regt 23rd April 1917 26 ARRAS Memorial    
GRUMMITT Arthur Private 28103 2nd South Staffordshire Regiment 24th April 1917   ARRAS Memorial    
HAGUE Joseph Private 19524 17th Notts and Derby 16th February 1917   BARD COTTAGE Cemetery    
HARDY Leonard Private 19402 1st Northamptonshire Regiment 25th September 1915 18 LOOS Memorial    
HAMPSHIRE Samuel Harry Private 202766 2nd/4th Yorks and Lancaster 3rd May 1917 24 H. A. C. Cemetery    
HARRIS Samuel Private 12079 1st Leicestershire Regiment 16th March 1916   WHITE HOUSE Cemetery    
HART Albert Ernest Private 49340 9th Notts and Derby 15th October 1917   DOZINGHEM Military Cemetery    
HAWLEY Thomas Private 12154 2nd Notts and Derby 21st October 1918 23 BERLIN SOUTH WESTERN Cemetery    
HAYWARD Howard Private 11991 2nd Notts and Derby 20th October 1914 21 PLOEGSTEERT Memorial    
HEALD William Serjeant 305607 2/8th Sherwood Foresters 27th April 1917   THIEPVAL Memorial    
HETT William Rifleman C/6384 18th King’s Royal Rifle Corps 7th October 1916 45 ETAPLES Military Cemetery    
HOUFTON Charles Morley Lieutenant   8th Notts and Derby 12th November 1915   CABARET ROUGE Cemetery    
HOUSLEY William Ernest Sapper 141500 Royal Engineers 7th January 1918 39 ST EDMUND Churchyard Extension MANSFIELD WOODHOUSE    
HUNT Robert William Private 18833 1/5th Notts and Derby 24th July 1918   LOOS Memorial    
HUSKISSON James Frederick Private PS/7163  2nd Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regt) 1st July 1916   THIEPVAL Memorial    
HUTCHINSON George Private 14090 1st Lincolnshire Regiment 16th June 1915 21 YPRES MENIN GATE Memorial     
HYDE Frederick T. M. Able Seaman CH/J/21153 HMS Lord Nelson, Royal Navy 25th April 1915 19 V BEACH Cemetery    
KERRY Lewis Herbert Able Seaman SS/6320 HMS Redoubt, Royal Navy 10th February 1918   ST MARY Churchyard SHOTLEY    
KEY William John Private 37104 2nd Lancashire Fusiliers 12th October 1916 25 THIEPVAL Memorial     
KING John Rifleman R/10306 2nd Kings Royal Rifle Corps 25th September 1915 23 LOOS Memorial    
KNIGHT Bennet Collier Private 11907 7th Leicestershire Regiment 14th July 1916   THIEPVAL Memorial    
LEATHERLAND John Gunner 72079 814 Trench Mortar Battery, Royal Field Artillery and Royal Horse Artillery 26th July 1916 22 AVESNES le COMTE Communal Cemetery Extension    
LEE Albert Private 27777 17th Notts and Derby 3rd September 1916   ANCRE British Cemetery    
LEES Thomas Private 42053 1st South Staffordshire Regt 2nd February 1918 38 GIAVERA British Cemetery    
LEESON Charles Gunner RMA/12221 HMS Invincible, Royal Marine Artillery 31st May 1916   PORTSMOUTH Naval Memorial     
LILIMAN Joseph Private 12833 9th Notts and Derby 9th August 1915   HELLES Memorial    
LILIMAN William Henry Private 22248 2nd Notts and Derby 5th October 1915   POTIJZE BURIAL GROUND Cemetery    
LILIMAN Robert Company Sergeant Major 25502 16th Notts and Derby 10th October 1916   THIEPVAL Memorial    
LLOYD John Private 19054 9th Notts and Derby 26th September 1916 34 THIEPVAL Memorial    
MAPLETOFT Robert Private 19048 1st Northamptonshire Regiment 19th July 1916 38 THIEPVAL Memorial     
MARCHANT Alexander Private 203422 1st/5th Notts and Derby 2nd April 1917 30 ETAPLES military Cemetery    
MARCHANT George Private 12443 2nd/5th Leicestershire Regiment 6th December 1917   ORIVAL WOOD Cemetery    
MARPLES George Edwin Lance Corporal 17707 2nd Royal Scots Fusiliers 30th July 1916 23 GUILLEMONT ROAD Cemetery    
MARRIOTT William George  Private 18138 6th Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 1st August 1915   LONGUENESSE (ST Omer) SOUVENIR Cemetery    
MARSH Harry Private 15102 1st Lincolnshire Regiment 21st April 1918   RUE PETILLON Military Cemetery    
MEE Harry Private 302675 12th Durham Light Infantry 17th October 1917 41 TYNE COT Memorial    
MELLORS Harry Private 203815 16th Notts and Derby 15th June 1918   NIEDERZWEHREN Cemetery    
MERRIN Alfred Private S/9891 8th Seaforth Highlanders 6th February 1917   ST SEVER Cemetery Extension    
MILLBAND Ernest Sergeant 2416 ‘A’ Company 1st/8th Notts and Derby 14th October 1915 26 LOOS Memorial    
MILLER Sidney Sapper 180809 409th Field Company, Royal Engineers 4th November 1918   LE REJET DE BEAULIEU Communal Cemetery    
MOODY Joseph Private 26441 16th Notts and Derby 8th November 1916 34 MANSFIELD WOODHOUSE Cemetery    
MOORE George Edward Private 61398 18th Yorkshire Regiment 17th December 1918 22 ST EDMUND Churchyard Extension MANSFIELD WOODHOUSE     
MOULD Jonathan Private 40833 12th (Duke of Lancasters Own Yeomanry Battalion) Manchester Regiment(Formerly 3660 Notts and Derby) 9th September 1918   VIS en ARTOIS Memorial     
MUNKS Fred  Private 14124 2nd Lincolnshire Regiment 10th March 1915 22 LE TOURET Memorial     
MUNNINGS Frederick James  Lance Corporal 6206 2nd Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 15th November 1914 34 BOULOGNE EASTERN Cemetery    
MURDEN David Private 13520 3rd Grenadier Guards 11th April 1916   POPERINGHE NEW Military Cemetery    
MURDEN Thomas Private 2534 1st/8th Sherwood Foresters 21st April 1915   KEMMEL CHATEAU Military Cemetery    
MURRELL Walter John Private 16381 1st North Staffordshire 11th August 1916   PERONNE ROAD Cemetery    
NAYLOR William Private GS/19387 ‘A’ Squadron 5th Dragoon Guards (Princess Charlotte’s Of Wales’) 26th November 1917 25 ANNEUX British Cemetery    
NEALE Harry MM Lance Sergeant  18556 16th (Chatsworth Rifles) Notts and Derby 20th September 1917 24 TYNE COT Memorial    
NEALE Louis Bernard Private 8332 ‘D’ Company 8th Royal Scots 27th December 1916 27 VARENNES Military Cemetery    
NEWTON Arthur Private 19343 Essex Yeomanry 24th October 1917   OXFORD ROAD Cemetery    
NEWTON Ernest Alfred Private 36125 5th King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 28th March 1918 19 ARRAS Memorial    
NEWTON Frank Private 37134 1st/8th Lancashire Fusiliers 6th September 1917 21 TYNE COT Memorial    
NEWTON John William Medal of St. George 4th Class (Russia) Drummer  2228 B Company, 1st/8th Notts and Derby 29th September 1915 22 ETAPLES Military Cemetery    
NEWTON Tom Private 17401 9th Leicestershire Regt 25th September 1916   THIEPVAL Memorial    
NORTHWOOD C. Private 23687 10th Royal Welsh Fusiliers 25th February 1916 20 ETAPLES Military Cemetery    
ODAM Joseph Thomas Private 22280 ‘B’ Company 2nd Notts and Derby 9th August 1915 18 YPRES MENIN GATE Memorial     
O'GORMAN Thomas Ignatius Joseph Private 6930 1st Lincolnshire Regiment 20th October 1914   LE TOURET Memorial    
OSBORNE Robert Private 27813 17th Notts and Derby 1st August 1916 35 LOOS Memorial    
PARKES William Corporal 23323 ‘B’ Company 1st Notts and Derby 19th May 1916 46 BOIS de NOULETTE British Cemetery    
PEARSON Thomas Private 21139 10th Notts and Derby 6th February 1917   BOIS GUILLAUME Communal Cemetery    
PEAT Alfred Private 11962 7th Leicestershire Regiment 14th July 1916 35 THIEPVAL Memorial    
PEAT William Private 267215 12th/13th Northumberland Fusiliers 12th October 1918   NIEDERZWEHREN Cemetery     
PERCIVAL John Clarence Lance Corporal 16237 11th Sherwood Foresters 1st July 1916 20 THIEPVAL Memorial    
PHILLIPS Henry Herbert Private G/72472 7th The Queen’s Regiment (Royal West Surrey)(Formerly 105797 Notts and Derby) 17th August 1918 22 DAOURS Communal Cemetery Extension    
PHILLIPS - TAYLOR Albert alias PHILLIPS Albert Private 10099 2nd Notts and Derby 20th October 1914 26 PLOEGSTEERT Memorial    
PINNICK Alfred Henry  Private 15982 11th Notts and Derby 3rd July 1916 19 RIBEMONT Communal Cemetery Extension    
PLANT John Private 36794 9th Leicestershire Regiment (formerly 57461 Notts and Derby) 27th May 1917 42 ST EDMUND Churchyard Extension MANSFIELD WOODHOUSE     
PLAYFOOT George  Private 6407 1/6th Cheshire Regiment 31st July 1917   YPRES MENIN GATE Memorial     
POWELL James William  Private 268554 1st/8th Notts and Derby 21st October 1916 20 ST EDMUND Churchyard Extension MANSFIELD WOODHOUSE      
POWNER Thomas Cyrill  Lance Corporal 28208 17th Notts and Derby 8th September 1916   ACHIET le GRAND Communal Cemetery Extension    
PURSGLOVE J.  Private 17280 2nd Leicestershire Regiment 6th July 1916   AMARA WAR Cemetery    
RADFORD George Henry Rifleman R/12900 1st King’s Royal Rifle Corps 27th July 1916 23 THIEPVAL Memorial    
RAVEN A. G. Private 12675 7th Leicestershire Regiment 26th September 1915 21 BIENVILLERS Military Cemetery    
RICHARDSON E. Private 2551 D Company 1/8th Notts and Derby 20th July 1915 20 SANCTUARY WOOD Cemetery    
ROBERTS John Edward Private 19583 10th Notts and Derby (Formerly 14th) 22nd May 1916 28 ST EDMUND Churchyard Extension MANSFIELD WOODHOUSE      
ROBERTSON Samuel R.  Private 15376 12th Notts and Derby 22nd March 1918 23 POZIERES Memorial    
ROBINSON Ernest Private 1641 1st/8th Notts and Derby 12th July 1915 19 SANCTUARY WOOD Cemetery    
ROE George T. Private 30315 7th/8th Royal Iniskilling Fusiliers 28th November 1918   BELGRADE Cemetery    
SANDERSON Bernard Lance Corporal 46584 15th Notts and Derby 24th March 1918 20 POZIERES Memorial    
SANDERSON Edgar Private 203355 1st/4th Yorks and Lancs. 14 August 1917 24 ADINKERKE Military Cemetery    
SANSOM Oswald  Private 28453 2nd Cheshire Regiment(Formerly 22027 Notts and Derby Reg) 3rd October 1915 17 LOOS Memorial    
SARGISON Charles MM   Private 15096 6th Lincolnshire Regiment 22nd August 1917 31 TYNE COT Memorial    
SAVAGE Frederick Lance Corporal 27468 10th Royal Warwickshire Regt( Formerly 3727, Notts and Derby Regt) 20th November 1916   WARLOY BAILLON Communal Cemetery Extension    
SAVAGE John DCM Private 8584 2nd Notts and Derby 16th May 1915 32 STRAND Military Cemetery    
SAXELBY George William Private 14920 7th Lincolnshire Regiment 10th December 1915 24 MENIN ROAD SOUTH Military Cemetery    
SHAW Joseph Private 3/3489 1st King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 8th May 1915 40 YPRES MENIN GATE Memorial     
SHAWCROFT Frederick Carey  Private 1733 6th York and Lancaster 7th March 1917 27 MANSFIELD WOODHOUSE Cemetery    
SHERRATT William Private 11390 1st Notts and Derby 9th May 1915 24 PLOEGSTEERT Memorial    
SIRDIFIELD James Thomas Stoker 1st Class K/18336 HMS Hampshire, Royal Navy 5th June 1916 22 PORTSMOUTH Naval Memorial     
SISSONS Harold Archibald Private 42933 7th/8th Royal Iniskilling Fusiliers 21st March 1918 19 POZIERES Memorial     
SLATER Herbert  Private 306701 2/8th Notts and Derby 26th September 1917   TYNE COT Memorial    
SMITH Ernest Private 31864 8th South Staffordshire 14th October 1917 36 MENDINGHEM Military Cemetery    
SMITH Frederick Private 16164 2/5th Notts and Derby 26th September 1917   TYNE COT Memorial    
SMITH Horace Bernard Private 36664 12/13th Northumberland Fusiliers 23rd August 1918   CONNAUGHT Cemetery    
SMITH James William Private 18478 1st Notts and Derby 9th May 1915   PLOEGSTEERT Memorial    
SMITH William Stoker 1st Class 293135 HMS Pembroke II, Royal Navy 1st September 1916   MALTBY Burial Ground    
SMITH William Gunner 44953 19th Heavy Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery 12th September 1917 28 CANADA FARM Cemetery    
STACEY Joseph Henry Private 19364 ‘C’ Company 12th Notts and Derby 17th June 1916   DRANOUTRE Military Cemetery    
STARBUCK Joseph Private 29424 13th Yorkshire Regt 1st July 19   LOOS British Cemetery    
STRAUTHER George Henry Private 19755 4th South Wales Borderers 9th April 1916   BASRA Memorial    
TAYLOR Frank Private 27398 17th Notts and Derby 4th August 1916 19 GORRE British and Indian Cemetery     
TAYLOR William Hurst Private 37748 25th (Tyneside Irish) Northumberland Fusiliers 28th April 1917   ARRAS Memorial    
TITTLEY John Samuel Private 291756 1/7th Northumberland Fusiliers 14th November 1916   WARLENCOURT British Cemetery    
TOWNROE Arthur Private PO/505 1st Royal Marine Bn. Royal Navy Division, R.ML.I 10th November 1918 26 CEMENT HOUSE Cemetery    
TUDGE Frederick Herbert Company Quartermaster Sergeant 26289 16th Notts and Derby 29th July 1917 29 VLAMERTINGHE NEW Military Cemetery    
TURNER Kenneth Leigh Second Lieutenant   5th Reserve Cavalry Regiment attached Worcestershire Hussars (Worcestershire Yeomanry) 2nd May 1918 40 JERUSALEM WAR Cemetery    
TYLER Francis William Driver 23518 V/34th Heavy Trench Mortar Battery, Royal Field Artillery 22nd August 1917 21 TINCOURT NEW British Cemetery    
WALKER John William Private 19515 10th Notts and Derby 14th February 1916 24 YPRES MENIN GATE Memorial     
WHARMBY Charles Lance Corporal 7810 1st Notts and Derby 28th march 1918   POZIERES Memorial     
WHARTON Herbert Private 15555 10th Notts and Derby 14th February 1916 21 YPRES MENIN GATE Memorial     
WHEATMAN F. Gunner 108486 251st Siege Battery Royal Garrison Artillery 23rd April 1917 28 ROCLINCOURT VALLEY Cemetery    
WHITE Albert John Sergeant 8074 6th York and Lancaster Regt 6th December 1915 26 MANSFIELD WOODHOUSE Cemetery    
WHITLAM Arthur  Private 40495 10th Yorks and Lancaster 22nd April 1917 29 HAUTE AVESNES British Cemetery    
WHYSALL Herbert Private 66514 2nd/5th Notts and Derby 21st March 1918 20 ARRAS Memorial    
WIGHTMAN David Gunner 189724 Base Depot, Royal Garrison Artillery attd Siege Anti-Aircraft Group, Lines of Communication 17th May 1918   ABBEVILLE Communal Cemetery Extension    
WILKINSON Frederick Henry Private 41661 1st/4th King’s Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment) 25th August 1918 19 PERNES British Cemetery    
WILLIAMS Seth Private 31818 17th Notts and Derby 23rd May 1916   LE TOURET Military Cemetery    
WILLIS Arthur Leonard Private 17264 2nd Leicestershire Regiment(Formerly 23651 Notts and Derby) 28th September 1915 29 MERVILLE Communal Cemetery    
WILSON Thomas Private 28204 11th Notts and Derby 1st October 1916   THIEPVAL Memorial    
WINT John William Private 52234 16th Royal Warwickshire Regiment 3rd September 1918   VAULX HILL Cemetery    
WINTERBOTTOM Alfred Private 16283 8th Yorks and Lancaster 1st July 1916 34 THIEPVAL Memorial    
WOOD Anthony Sergeant 1638 4th Battalion Australian Infantry, AIF (New South Wales 1st August 1915 30 CAIRO WAR MEMORIAL Cemetery    
WOOD John Arthur Private 11887 7th Leicestershire Regiment 14th July 1916 30 THIEPVAL Memorial    
WOOD Reginald Sidney Lance Corporal R/12904 8th King’s Royal Rifle Corps 24th August 1917 20 TYNE COT Memorial    
WOODCOCK Arthur Graham Private 35562 2nd Notts and Derby 1st July 1917   LOOS Memorial    
WOODHEAD Clarence Private 131068 31st Company Machine Gun Corps 12th April 1918   PLOEGSTEERT Memorial    
YATES Richard Bertie Private 242466 1st/6th Notts and Derby(Formerly 3024 Derbyshire Yeomanry) 27th September 1917 27 TOURNAI Communal Cemetery Extension    



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