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To the memory of my grandfather Toussaint Marie CONNAN
by Cyril P. Therin
Braunton, Devon (United Kingdom)

Toussaint Marie Connan was born in Pont - Melvez (Côte du Nord, Brittany) on 01/11/1884.
The son of Jean-Louis Connan and Marie-Françoise Connan nee Daniel.

At the outbreak of the first World War he lived in Jersey Channel Islands, when he enlisted into the French Army.
He was soldat (Private) into the 1st Regiment d'Infanterie Colonale du Maroc.

Toussaint was killed in the trenches at Grenay (Pas de Calais) on 04/10/1915.

When he was killed he left a Wife and two girls, the yougest was my Mother, I moved to England in 1966.

He is buried in the French National Necropolis of Notre Dame de Lorette in Ablain-Saint-Nazaire.

Toussaint aged 30
Left, his birth certificate *
Right, his death Military certificate **
* © Archives départementales des Côtes d'Armor
** © Ministère de la défense - Mémoire des Hommes
Notre Dame de Lorette where Toussaint lies in grave 8738, block 44, row 6.
Toussaint lies in the second front grave. © Pierre Vandervelden - Belgium