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ST SEVER Cemetery Extension (Rouen)(Seine Maritime France)

Photo Courtesy George Cogswell
Gnr Richard Llewelyn Johnson MM 01/11/1918 aged 23
Richard was a pre-war regular soldier, and he sailed with the BEF in 08/1914 to serve in France / Belgium.
Despite being wounded several times during the War he always returned to active duty.
At the Battle of the Selle (near Le Cateau), Dick was awarded a Military Medal for his actions here on 23/10/1918, but he was again wounded.
He was sent to hospital at Rouen where he caught influenza and died.
The small coloured photo was always carried by his brother Edwin in his wallet as a memory.
Left: his brother Cpl Tom Johnson 27/03/1918 aged 35 commemorated at the Pozieres Memorial
Right: his brother Edwin Stanley Johnson who was a pre-war Territorial Soldier and he went to Flanders in 1915 with the Durham Light Infantry, (5th Bn) serving near Ypres and later on the Somme and at Arras. But whilst serving at Paschendale in 1917 he was shot by a sniper, the bullet entering his chest where his heart should have been. Fortunately for him, he was one of those rare people with reversed internal organs and his heart was actually towards his right-hand side.
The bullet was too close to his heart to remove without risk, so he lived with a German bullet inside him until his death in 1970.
He did return to war Service with the Labour Corps in 1918 and strangely enough this unfortunate incident really saved his life, because the 5th Bn, Durham Light Infantry was wiped out almost to the last man at the Battle of the Lys in 04/1918.
For his nephew and Edwin's grandson David Mole (UK)
The Mole - Johnson family have lost six members during WW I and II
David's father is buried in Taillette Communal Cemetery (Fr)
Gnr W. Small died of influenza 14/11/1918
Pte Alfred Thomas Hawkswood 12/11/1916
Eldest son of Thomas Samuel and Mary Hawkswood of 33, Wolverhampton Road, Walsall, Alfred was educated at the Wolverhampton Road School and later employed as a labourer at the timber yard of Boys and Boden Limited at Wednesbury.
Alfred was wounded on Saturday 21/10/1916 during a battalion attack on Regina Trench during the Somme Offensive and was removed to 6th General Hospital at Rouen where he succumbed to his injures at 10.10 pm on Sunday 12/11/1916.
His father, Coy Sjt Mjr Thomas Samuel Hawkswood also lost his life in France on 26/09/1915 with no known grave and is commemorated on the walls of the Loos Memorial.
for Graeme Clarke and the people of Walsall
Sjt Herbert Victor Frederick Soloman 25/03/1918 aged 31
Sjt Herman Tratthen 19/11/1918 aged 28
Herman as a child with his siter Jane.
for Tony Pringle and the people of Newmarket
Pte Christopher Fraser McRae 04/03/1917 aged 23
Cpl Henry Skilbeck 29/03/1918 aged 25
Guards. James Butler 13/12/1917
Pte William Buck 13/10/1918
for Jean Louis Barette (Bel)
Sjt John William Parsons 22/12/1917
for the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen
Sjt Arthur James Harris 15/06/1918
for the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen
Pte William Parry 30/09/1918
for the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen
Pte Sidney Robert March 01/09/1918
for the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen
Pte Thomas Major Ormesher 30/05/1918
for the Royal Welch fusiliers & Dr H.J. Krijnen
Pte Robert O. Jones 21/08/1918 aged 24
He served in the 10th Bn Sherwood Forester (Notts & Derby).
He was Formerly 42210 Pte Robert O. Jones of the Welsh Fusiliers.
He died of wounds during a gas attack on 20/08/1918.
Robert was born in Trevor Caernarvon to Owen Jones & Catherine Anne Jones (ne Williams).
He was married to Annie Jones of 7 Bronddwyryd, Blaenau Ffestiniog and they had a son called Trevor Jones, with Robert on the photo.
for Tracy Evans (ex Welsh Guards)
Guardsman James Henry Vine 24/10/1944 aged 28
He was a batman and dispatch rider and served in France in 1939 and also after D-Day.
He died of typhoid while on service in 1944.
for Paul Brooker


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